Where is Bloodline Filmed? The Moorings Village

Where is Bloodline filmed?
By Jennifer Degtjarewsky

Bloodline, Netflix latest foray into original programming, transports viewers to tranquil Islandia in the Florida Keys. An idyllic hotel set atop a perfect beach in the American Caribbean is the backdrop for this new, 13-episode thriller. Known as Rayburn House in the Netflix series, many viewers are left wondering, “Where is Bloodline filmed?” Is it a fictitious place made of plywood, or is it really somewhere in the Florida Keys where anyone can book a vacation? The answer is a little of both.

Q: Where is Bloodline Filmed?
A: The Moorings Village & Spa

Located 90 miles south of Miami on the island chain of Islamorada is The Moorings Village & Spa. It has played backdrop to fashion, film and TV shoots over the years, and now serves as the exterior for Rayburn House in Bloodline. Not a typical chain hotel, The Moorings Village is a bungalow-style property with many outlying buildings designed to preserve the coastline by keeping it free from mass tourism. Over 600 coconut palms abound on the property, increasing the tropical atmosphere, and The Moorings 1,100 ft. private beach is one of the very few natural beaches in the local area.

Blue Charlotte House

What viewers have come to know as Rayburn House is actually a 6,500 sq.-ft., three bedroom rental called Blue Charlotte House, overlooking the same beautiful beach seen in the series. It costs $2500 per night and holds a maximum of six guests.

All of the interior shots from the Bloodline however, are another story. They were filmed inside a Miami-Dade warehouse where elaborate sets were created to mimic a plantation-style hotel. The two locations meld well for the series, but on the inside, the real-world hotel looks much different than what you see on Bloodline.

Blue Charlotte House is the largest of the 18 cottages that The Moorings Village has on offer for vacationers. Each is distinctly different from the next and they vary in size and expense. Still, the level of detail put into the decor makes each cottage feel uniquely qualified as the perfect vacation hideaway.

Where is Bloodline filmed?

A bedroom inside Plantation Villa

Its not all about relaxing on the beach at The Moorings. Located in the Sport Fishing Capital of the World, fishing charters are popular with guests. Visitors can try their hand at catching world-class tarpon, billfish and more.

A favorite destination for scuba divers and snorkelers, the waters of Islamorada are brimming with marine life. The warm tropical water ranges from 70 degrees in January-February to 87 degrees in July-August making it easy to play in the water all day.

Where is Bloodline filmed?

With a minimum two night stay and the property booking up nearly a year in advance, visitors need to plan ahead. Rooms start at $359.00 a night in the Lodge and head north from there depending on which villa you choose to stay in. Located on the ocean side of the highway at 123 Beach Road in Islamorada, reservations can be made by calling: (305) 664-4708

Where is Bloodline filmed?

 Want to live in Islamorada?

After binging on all 13 episodes of Bloodline, what if you’ve decided you like Islamorada so much that you want to live there? LauraLynne Kennedy from Coldwell Banker Schmitt transplanted from Missouri to Islamorada 17 years ago and as a former President of the Florida Keys Board of Realtors, she knows the area well.

Responding to a query about the price of entry and fitting in with the locals, she says, “Second only to Key West, in terms of dollar ratio, you’ll have to spend a bit to have the luxury of home ownership. That said, all things are equal in Islamorada. Sit at our local watering hole next to a bearded man in a t-shirt and cargo shorts. He may be one of our renowned local fishing guides or just as easily, a salty billionaire.”

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